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Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Alter-G Anti-Gravity machine


With its unique unweighting capabilities, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill allows you and your physical therapist to move your rehabilitation and training forward by:

  • Allowing you to walk or run with no pain while maintaining a normal gait
  • Reducing stress on joints and injured areas of your lower body
  • Giving you the confidence and ability to run or walk longer and recover faster with less pain

Unlike any other piece of training equipment available, the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill can take you further, faster than you ever thought possible after surgery, injury or other mobility impairment.

For Sports People

TheAlterG treadmill comfortably unweights athletes by reducing their body weight.  By incorporating the Anti-Gravity Treadmill into training and rehabilitation programs, AlterG® allows your athletes to:

  • Train harder, longer and sooner after injury or surgery.
  • Gain and maintain fitness while recovering and return to competition sooner.
  • Maintain a natural stride during therapy by, reducing the risk of compensatory injuries.
  • Stay motivated and track progress with concrete data, which increases confidence levels
  • Train harder with lower impact.

The anti-gravity technology is designed specifically to suit the needs of high-level athletes recovering from a sport related injury or rehabilitating after surgery, as well as healthy athletes looking for a way to train harder. The larger chamber, reinforced structure and higher top speeds make the treadmill ideally suited for any athletic training or therapy facility.


This video shows how it works:


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